Finding a Practitioner Near You

(Referenced in Fantastic Voyage- Chapter 1 page 12)

Following a program of the comprehensive nature described in Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever is best done with the assistance of a professional guide. Your personal physician is trained to deal with diagnosing and treating catastrophic illness, but most physicians are not well trained to provide guidance in the type of aggressive illness prevention that we address in Fantastic Voyage. Unfortunately, disease prevention is not a major focus of mainstream medicine. Moreover, the critical issue of nutrition receives almost no attention in our nation’s medical schools. An ideal approach is to find a physician who combines the best of multiple traditions. However, more and more physicians have seen the limitations of practicing orthodox conventional medicine. They have begun to transcend the deep conditioning from their years of medical training and they (and even more so their patients) have started to experience the joy that comes from thinking “outside of the box.” Many such physicians have joined professional associations, which serve as resources to train physicians in cutting-edge nutritionally based medical therapies. These organizations offer formal educational courses and examinations to ensure competency among their certified practitioners and listings of physicians in your area. One such organization that we highly recommend is ACAM (The American College for Advancement in Medicine). ACAM trains practitioners around the United States and in many foreign countries in nutritionally-based, aggressive preventive medicine. To find a practitioner near you who understands many of the concepts outlined in Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever we recommend you go to ACAM Find A Doctor page.

Also, Fantastic Voyage coauthor Terry Grossman, M.D. is medical director of Frontier Medical Institute, a leading longevity clinic in Denver, Colorado. All of the tests recommended in Fantastic Voyage are available at Dr. Grossman’s center. For information, visit the Frontier Medical Institute website.