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Want to Live Forever? You ain't seen nothing yet!
b y Mona Charen
November 30 2006

A couple of months ago, the journal Nature published a study showing that mice that ingested a substance found in red wine demonstrated remarkable longevity. There is, so far, no evidence that the substance, resveratrol, has a similar effect on humans. Nonetheless, there has been a rush on the product; health food store owners say the stuff is flying off the shelves.


Defining a Moment in History
Talk of the Nation
November 2, 2004

So many Americans say this is a decisive moment in our political history. But what about other endeavors? From military history to science and culture, how do we know what's really historic -- and what's not? We discuss how to define the moment.

Victory Davis Hanson, military historian, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution; retired classics professor, California State University in Fresno

Michael Eric Dyson, professor of Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania; author, Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X and I May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King Jr.

Jean Bethke Elshtain, author, Just War Against Terror : The Burden of American Power in a Violent World; University of Chicago ethics professor

Ray Kurzweil, scientist, futurist; author of Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough To Live Forever

The Futurist

By Scott Kirsner | October 31, 2004

Ray Kurzweil hasn't given much thought to his epitaph or spent an afternoon shopping for a burial plot. It's not that the idea of death hasn't occurred to him; he's 56, his father died of a heart attack at 58, and heart disease claimed his paternal grandfather. Kurzweil just doesn't plan on dying. Ever. "I think death is a tragedy," he says. "We've rationalized that it's a good thing, because we've had no alternative."

Kurzweil, one of the most influential living inventors, expects that rapidly accelerating progress in the fields of biotechnology, nanotechnology, and medical devices will eradicate the scourge that is human expiration sometime within the next 50 years. His latest book, Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever, coauthored with Dr. Terry Grossman and published this month, is almost certainly the first diet book that promises not just to help readers drop excess pounds but to render them immortal.
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Machine Dreams
Oct. 15, 2004 Issue of CIO Magazine

When software runs inside our brains, what will happen to us? Ray Kurzweil, who helped invent the IT present, explains to Web Editorial Director Art Jahnke how humans fit into the IT future. You may not like it.
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Kurzweil's Quest For Eternal Youth Sets Group Abuzz
By Leslie Walker
Thursday, October 7, 2004; Page E01

Inventor Ray Kurzweil takes 250 nutritional supplements a day in his quest to live long enough to reap the benefits he expects from biotechnology. He says he's trying to reprogram his body, as he would his computer.

"I really do believe it is feasible to slow down the aging process," Kurzweil told Technology Review magazine's Emerging Technologies Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology here last week. "We call that a bridge to a bridge to a bridge -- to the full flowering of the biotechnology revolution."

Kurzweil, a well-regarded scientist who invented the flatbed scanner and a reading machine for the blind, claimed his pills appear to be helping: Biological tests conducted at a clinic in Denver found his body resembles that of a man in his early forties, he claimed, rather than his true age of 56.
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A True Master of Invention
Investor's Business Daily
Sept. 9, 2004
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Live Long Enough to Live Forever
By Ray Kurzweil , and Terry Grossman , M.D.

Advance praise for FANTASTIC VOYAGE
“This visionary book provides a state-of-the-art synthesis of the latest evidence on aging and what you can do to live better and live longer. Highly recommended.”
Dean Ornish, M.D., developer of the Opening Your Heart program

FANTASTIC VOYAGE is truly breathtaking—a concise yet comprehensive journey that accurately recounts the past and present state of our collective knowledge in the diverse fields of biology, medicine, and information technology. Whether you are driven by intellectual curiosity or concern for your own personal wellness, you will find this book fascinating and educational. A must read.”
Dean Kamen, physicist and inventor of the first wearable insulin pump, HomeChoice portable dialysis machine, IBOT Mobility System, and Segway Human Transporter, and recipient of the National Medal of Technology

Isaac Asimov’s 1966 science fiction classic, Fantastic Voyage, fascinated readers with its tale of miniaturized scientists traveling around inside the human body in a blood-cell-sized submarine, the Proteus. Back then, Asimov’s story was fiction, but his “fantastic” idea was indeed prophetic. Today, almost-daily breakthroughs in medical technology have given us the ability to probe the mysteries of the human body literally from the inside out.

In FANTASTIC VOYAGE: Live Long Enough to Live Forever (Rodale; November 3, 2004; $24.95) Ray Kurzweil, bestselling author of The 10% Solution to a Healthy Life and The Age of Spiritual Machines, and Terry Grossman M.D., an expert on cutting-edge life-extension therapies, present the ultimate user’s manual to the human machine. Together, Kurzweil and Grossman detail how genomics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology have vastly improved our knowledge of the biological processes of life, and they reveal how startling scientific advancements in these future-looking fields have brought the possibility of immortality within our grasp.

The fact is, it is now possible to prevent nearly 90 percent of the diseases that kill humans, and within the next twenty years scientists will be able to stop and even reverse the aging process. By following the techniques outlined in FANTASTIC VOYAGE, anyone can immediately and dramatically slow the aging process to a crawl.

“Ray Kurzweil has a knack for spotting the next new thing. He has been charging into the future for nearly 40 years,” Wired magazine has written. And the next big thing, particularly among the baby boomer generation (but practically for all those in their thirties and beyond) is maximizing the quality of life while at the same time extending it. Kurzweil and Grossman’s Longevity Program is designed to keep your body and brain in optimal health while warding off chronic diseases before they can develop. Based on decades of intensive research, the program combines the best of conventional and alternative medicine and enables readers to pinpoint where they are in the progression of disease and aging so they can begin to reverse the harmful effects of each. Dr. Herbert L. Jacobs, Chairman, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Task Force of the Colorado Medical Society describes Dr. Grossman as “one of a handful of modern-day physicians who are laying the foundation for a new paradigm in medicine, combining cutting-edge medical knowledge with the best evidence-based complementary therapies.” To that end, the authors offer dozens of easy-to-follow ideas that can reduce the risk of disease in the future while improving well-being in the present. There are many new and surprising insights: for example, taking the supplement phosphatidylcholine can reverse aging of the cell membrane; and there are novel, non-invasive tests able to detect cancer and heart disease before they have a chance to strike.

Divided into what the authors identify as three bridges to the future, FANTASTIC VOYAGE takes readers through the stages that can lead to longer, healthier lives. The first bridge, Ray & Terry’s Longevity Program, consists of present-day therapies and guidance that enables people to stay healthy long enough to take advantage of the Biotechnology Revolution—the second bridge—which is when we will be able to reprogram the genetic, proteomic, and metabolic processes of biology to “turn off” the root causes of disease and aging. The third bridge is the Nanotechnology-AI (artificial intelligence) Revolution. The “killer app” of nanotechnology is “nanobots,” blood cell-sized devices that will go inside the human body to destroy pathogens and toxins, and repair DNA errors, leading to the potential for humans to live indefinitely.

FANTASTIC VOYAGE gets specific about a wide range of practical issues such as nutrition, weight loss, and the prevention of chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer. Other topics that Kurzweil and Grossman address and offer specific guidance on include:

  • Inflammation : A silent inflammatory response within our bodies can lead to cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and several types of cancers. Kurzweil and Grossman discuss how it can now be measured and offer effective ways to decrease its negative effects
  • Your Brain—The Power of Thinking…and of Ideas : How to keep the brain healthily busy
  • Hormones of Aging, Hormones of Youth : The authors discuss how to maintain the ideal balance of hormones while aging

Health, say the authors, is not merely the absence of disease but rather relies on the proper functioning of every aspect of existence, and as such it is something that always can be improved. FANTASTIC VOYAGE promises a personal journey of discovery, an adventure leading to unprecedented good health and vitality. Kurzweil and Grossman predict that the coming scientific advances in the 21 st century will turn the very conception of human life on its head. “The result will be profound changes in every facet of our lives, even our concepts of who we are and what it means to be human,” the authors write.

Additional advance praise for FANTASTIC VOYAGE

FANTASTIC VOYAGEgives us a wonderful and exciting vision of what new advances in the biological and physical sciences will bring to the health and quality of human life. Kurzweil and Grossman’s program of simple lifestyle modifications to forestall chronic diseases is so comprehensive that anyone can find easy-to-implement actions that will enhance their health.”
George King, M.D., Director of Research, Joslin Diabetes Center , and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

“A wake-up call to even the most health-conscious people, FANTASTIC VOYAGE boldly challenges conventional wisdom about aging and illness and offers groundbreaking solutions to remain young and healthy indefinitely."
John Gray, Ph.D., author of the Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus series of books, including The Mars and Venus Diet and Exercise Solution

Ray Kurzweil is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, and futurists. A recipient of the National Medal of Technology, among many other honors, he is the author of three previous books: The Age of Spiritual Machines, The 10% Solution for a Healthy Life, and The Age of Intelligent Machines. He lives in a suburb of Boston , Massachusetts .

Terry Grossman, M.D. , practices nutritional and anti aging medicine and has written several popular articles on natural treatments for ailments. An expert in longevity medicine, he is the author of a leading book on life extension, The Baby Boomer's Guide to Living Forever. He lives in Denver .

Live Long Enough to Live Forever
By Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D.
Publisher: Rodale
Publication Date: November 3, 2004
Price: $24.95
ISBN: 1-57954-954-3

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Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman M.D. Rodale: 11/2004 ISBN#1-57954-954-3