Laboratory Tests

Referenced in Fantastic Voyage- Pages 88, 91, 92, 97.

One of the key principals to Ray & Terry’s Longevity Program as outlined in Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever is frequent laboratory testing to assess your health status. Many of these tests are available through your regular medical doctor. Other tests are outside of the realm of conventional medical practice. To find a physician who understands and performs these tests, we recommend The American College for Advancement in Medicine.

Also, Fantastic Voyage coauthor Terry Grossman, M.D. performs all of the tests recommended in Fantastic Voyage at his longevity center in Denver. For more information, visit his Frontier Medical Institute website.

Referenced in Fantastic Voyage- Page 112

Body Fat Testers

Calipers that can help you determine your percent body fat are available for less than $20 from Amazon.

A more accurate scale that measures both your weight and body fat electronically is available from Sharper Image.

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